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The Process

We give you the best return on your investment in excellent online video!
Taking you from idea to production and distribution and on to the Internet!




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PreProduction Production Production Distrubtion



Together we will discover what is your best story. The one that tells people what you stand for, care about, struggle for. What you want others to know, especially educators and learners. We need a story with a main character, a beginning, middle and current moment. A struggle, a victory, a lesson.


Knowing all this allows us to create a production outline: who do we film, where, when, how many days



Using the production outline, we then organize the filming days into interviews and footage that illustrates those interviews.


We create a list of interview questions, knowing the answers will frame the story.


Then we capture the footage that best illustrates the story: A day in the life of key people. Archival photos, old videos, maps, paintings, all the visual aspects of the story are gathered up. We transcribe all the interviews, make a log of all the shots and compile them into a binder. Then we give you the binder for review and selection. You highlight what you like. Drop in to our studio to see the footage. We draft a script. You approve or revise. Then on we go to the editing suite.



For every day on the production site, you can count on three to five in the editing suite. The best shots are captured. The script’s narrations and reflections are uploaded; sound and color are corrected. Illustrative footage is attached, then special sounds, music, graphics. You get a rough cut, make suggestions, then a fine cut, make suggestions or sign off.



You now love the video but how to find its viewers?


There are many options:


  • Make a list of showings at supporters’ meetings.
  • Send the DVD mailings to special donors.
  • Broadcast it on conventional TV.
  • Tell the media about it.


Above all: upload it on to Internet TV.

We will create a TV channel branded just for you and your productions. We will provide a study guide/ teachers plan and upload that as well. We will link your site to our soon-to-be-born Global Villagers Internet TV site (values-based education Internet TV Hub site) and promote it to all educators and learners. You could put a note about your Internet TV site on all your publications, letterheads, brochures and advertising.


Just how many people would you like to see this video? The possibilities are limitless. But remember it all begins with a great story and a great video. That's what will make people talk about it.


Together we can make it happen.