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Doc Villagers has worked all over the world and often in very difficult circumstances. The company’s interest and huge respect for the cultures of the world shows in the footage and the way it has been edited to tell a dramatic story on a small budget.

Gita Hosek, National Board of DOC (Documentary Organization of Canada)




Media IntelligenceEvery project I have worked on with Villagers has been inspiring because of the company’s commitment and passion. Often when I was doubtful financing would come together, they would just move ahead with deep conviction that it would all come together. They were always right in the end.

Patricia Scarlett, Media Intelligence, Toronto



Vision TVVillagers has persevered in very lean times during the early days of the company, but always with a creative approach to subject matter, good critical judgement, a thoroughly professional attitude to all their work and good practical sense. And they have prevailed and prospered.

Ron Keast, Founding President and CEO, Vision TV (1987-94); Access Media Group (1994-2005)



CLTThese two series (The Global Villagers and World Class) represent a major body of work with original camera production shot entirely by the company’s director Steven Deme and under his direction in some 36 countries. All the episodes are well produced and display the company’s formidable interest and respect for the cultures of the world, along with a deep sympathy for the social justice issues involved.
Kern Goretzky, Programmer, Canadian Learning Television



VECI have known the company for more than 15 years and have been impressed with its work ethic, creativity and ability to tell a story fully. They are wonderful educators. Their projects, well directed and intelligently presented, also educate and enlighten and leave their mark upon us.

Dom Vetro, Visual Education Centre



SVOXVillagers has always worked with an enthusiastic group of recent graduates and young people whose diversity represents the broad population of Canada. Often they come from or are interested in the countries the company films. The fact that the company has been in business for 20 years speaks volumes about its creativity as well as its acumen for business.

Alberta Nokes. Former Director of Documentaries, S-Vox 

Holy Land, Holy People: Six-part Half-hours Interfaith series.

OECTAOECTA has been involved in the development of curriculum material that focuses on the Holy Land for several years. This production is first-class, over the top in every way. The editing, the music, the people you meet; the series is an experiential journey into these three faith worlds. Despite all the tragedies, historical and current, a sense of tremendous hope comes through.

Brian McGowan, Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association.



JudaismThe viewer will enjoy watching, and at the same time, learn a lot -- not only about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but also about the possibility of gaining strength from each other without invading each other’s space.

Rabbi Dow Marmur, Former Senior Rabbi, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto




ChristianA wonderful exploration of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Abraham. The series shows that faith remains living and challenging today.

Archbishop Bishop Terrence Prendergast SJ, New Testament Scholar





InterfaithI personally will bring the series to the attention of the 200,0000 members of the various Canadian and international Islamic societies such as the World Council of Muslim Women, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, the Council of Muslim Communities in Canada, as well as the network of thousands of peoples involved in the Canadian interfaith movement.

Dr. Lila Fahlman, Former Chair, World Interfaith Education Association, Edmonton

World Youth Day in Toronto, 2002. One-hour documentary on Development and Peace

D&PVery impressed with the way Villagers handled Development and Peace’s presentations at World Youth Day: a series of lectures, a dramatic play, a signature petition process, and the story of a young man from Peru who came to teach his Canadian counterparts what it truly means to be spiritual and socially just. The video result will serve the organization for many years to come.

Jack Panozzo, former head of public engagement, Development and Peace- english sector.

Welcome the Stranger: The story of faith and settlement in Canada. Five half-hours

CWLCanadians have a history of being the strangers in a new land, of being welcomed and then going on to welcome others. Welcome the Stranger was sponsored in part by the National Office of the Catholic Women’s League and it is a fitting project in celebration of our own history of reaching out to newcomers.

Joan Chesser, Past President, Catholic Women’s League of Canada.

Olive Dickason’s First Nations. One-hour biography documentary

TDSBDr. Dickason is a well-known and respected scholar whose research, teaching and writing have dramatically advanced our understanding of Aboriginal people. We ask everyone to give it their most serious consideration. We believe as Ontario educators, we are taking important steps into a subject area only just emerging from long neglect. This documentary is an important guide.

Allan Hux, District Coordinator, Social, Canadian and World Studies, Toronto District School Board

The Global Villagers episodes 1-26 (half-hours)

CAWThrough the CAW involvement with this series, our members are learning about other countries, other cultures. They are watching as people with far fewer resources are coming up with positive steps to make their communities better. These are things every Canadian needs to see.

Carol Phillips, Director of Social Justice Fund, Canadian Auto Workers and series sponsor.






Aboriginal Peoples Televison Network

Aga Khan Foundation of Canada

Alberta Access

American Foreign Service

Baha’is of Canada

BC Knowledge TV

Canadian Council for International Cooperation Canadian Learning Television

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief


Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

Development and Peace

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

I Channel

International Development and Relief Foundation

Mission Canada


Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association

Oxfam of Canada

Pontifical Missions of Canada

Redemptorists of Canada

Salt and Light TV

Scarboro Missions

Saskatchewan Communications Network

Sharelife / Archdiocese of Toronto

Spiritans of English Canada

Vision TV

World Vision

W Network