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About Us

The Villagers Media Productions Leadership Team

At Villagers Media, we introduce your organization to a new level of social media effectiveness through the production of excellent story-telling video, distributed via client-owned and branded Internet TV channels.


Our team, drawing from over 75 years of collective media industry, knowledge and experience, has a combined array of creative, technical and analytical skills to take our clients’ video projects from idea to successful launch and beyond.


The distinctiveness of Villagers’ service is premised on our triple-point social media discipline: knowing what makes a good story, bringing to it excellent video production value, and following up with our signature check-list of effective distribution action, culminating in the design and uploading of the client’s Internet TV channel.




The Villagers Media Productions leadership team consists of four people.


Dawn Deme, Executive Producer. Additional functions: Web, Internet TV, Conventional TV and Video Producer/ Writer.

Dawn Deme is founding President of Villagers Media Productions Inc, where, since 1988, her functions include producing, writing, post-production supervision and new business development. Prior to Villagers, she worked on a variety of TV programs, in addition to serving in several print media organizations, newspapers and magazines. As both writer and editor, Dawn Deme has won awards for business, fashion and religious journalism. At Villagers, Dawn has personally overseen the first production work experiences of some 20 media novices, representing several of Canada's diverse communities. Her lifelong interest in people attempting to make positive changes for society is at the core of many Villagers projects. Deme is a lifelong walker and likes to write about it. See: Walking Friends Forever


Steven J. Deme, Executive Producer. Additional Functions: Field Producer, Director, Director of Production and Camera Operator. (Retired)

Steven J. Deme is founding Villagers secretary/ treasurer. Since 1990, he has more than 200 producer, director, director of photography and photography credits on Villagers projects. Prior to Villagers' founding, Steven worked on a wide variety of features, dramas, drama/documentaries and commercials. He has produced in dozens of foreign settings all over Asia, Africa and Latin America. along with several Northern First Nations locations, including the High Arctic, Nova Scotia, Labrador, Quebec, Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.. He speaks French and Hungarian and holds two university academic degrees: BAA, Film Studies, Ryerson University, 1982; MA Media Production Innovation, 2008, Ryerson University. For more details of Deme’s bio, credits and production equipment. See: Deme Vision Website


Darren Kinash, Senior Producer. Additional Functions: Senior Web Design and Video Editor, Field Producer.

Darren Kinash has been with Villagers since 2005, starting out as a new media graduate, and is now senior producer. He has traveled to Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, India, Zambia and South Africa for Villagers’ documentary projects as well as to many parts of Canada. His pre-production organizational skills ensure that every project runs smoothly in the field and his post-production prowess transforms laborious editing into fun (almost). Darren graduated from Niagara College with a film major in Broadcasting in the spring of 2004.


Genevieve Holt, Associate Producer. Additional Functions: Senior Web Design and Video Editor, Field Producer.

Genevieve Holt (1995-2015) has more than 150 production and post production credits to her name. As associate producer, she has traveled with the Villagers team to Bangladesh, Jordan, Colombia and Tanzania. Genevieve's narrative reading skills guide viewers through many of Villagers documentaries. Her editing skills are evident in every one of our projects. She is a talented visual artist who now brings her skills to web design.