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Becoming a Father

The Church offers us a perfect model for fatherhood. That model is Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. He’s the perfect counterpart to Mary, the model of motherhood. The fruitful creativity of Joseph’s fatherhood is a major theme in Pope Francis’ apostolic letter, Patris Corde.

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A Working Father

St. Joseph teaches us God’s idea of work. Joseph shows us a model of work that is sacred, ordered towards God, affirming the dignity of every person. A work whose end is our families and communities—and building God’s Kingdom on earth.

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A Father Without Work

But despite the Holy Family’s modest means, Joseph was a great father. His selflessness and service to his family are testified to by the love of his son and his wife. “Love God and love thy neighbour as thyself,” Christ told us. By these measures, St. Joseph—the just man—led a rich life indeed.

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Ordinary Man, Ordinary People

It is ordinary people, going unnoticed, who are the heroes of the pandemic. And they suffer for their heroism. We see the inequality of human dignity in who can stay at home, and who must go into work. Who is called an “essential worker” and who is not. Who must risk more than others in a moment of profound danger.

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Protector of the Poor

Joseph challenges us to embrace a way of life that accepts God’s request of us that we take care of people in trouble—especially when it comes to caring for our neighbours and others we meet along the journey.

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Devotion to St. Joseph

This is Joseph’s time. For hundreds of years, devotion to Joseph has grown slowly and steadily. And devotion to this saint—“the most exalted human person after Mary,” as another saint described him—has produced hundreds of saints more.

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