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Rediscovering Reconciliation

The Rosary is a prayer centred on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We meditate on the mysteries pertaining to the life of Jesus and key moments in Mary’s own life as well. Mary’s contribution and participation in God’s redemptive plan is a reminder that we are all called to participate in God’s plan for all creation.

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Climate Change in My Life

Upon further reflection and prayer, I began to see the contents of Laudato Si as having a larger commitment and meaningful input: one that also encompasses the climate of my own life, the daily environments in which I find myself.

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Finding Faith Direction

I have spent many years journeying as a wife, mother, teacher, coach, mentor, school administrator and recently in attaining my masters. I can say that the journey has not been smooth sailing and often times I have been too focused on a far off goal and have gotten tired. I feel that Christ has redirected and comforted me though along the way, giving a light to my path.

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Meet Carmen Moore, Educator, Grande Prairie, Alberta







Carmen Moore, an educator, speaker and author, was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she received all of her early and undergraduate education.  She attained a Bachelor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan and has taught a variety of grades all over western Canada.  She is currently serving as an Inclusive Education Coach for a school district in Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

Along with her teaching experience, she has years as the administrator of a rural Catholic school as well as leading the sacramental preparation for that community.  Carmen has recently attained her Masters in Religious Education from Felician University in New Jersey. She has served as the regional Cursillo board chairperson for the past four years and is active in that community and her own local parish.  Carmen is also a freelance writer with articles published in the Prairie Messenger, Religious Teachers’ Journal, authored a Catholic addendum to a social studies program for Alberta schools, and is currently writing a book on Catholic education based on her masters work applied to her own experience. 

She is a speaker for both education, parent rights, and local Catholic pilgrimages.  Lastly, but most certainly not least, she is a wife to her loving husband Christopher and their amazing little boy, Liam, where they strive each day to live in love and joy.  Her family is her most important life’s work.